S.4242 "A bill to provide for the preservation and storage of uranium-233 to foster development of thorium molten-salt reactors, and for other purposes" was introduced on 2022-05-18. It is very, very... very good.
An earlier video gives more context regarding U-233 from American legislators: Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), Senator Tommy Tuberville, Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Roger Marshall asking Dr. Kathryn Huff and Sec. of Energy Granholm about the ongoing downblending (destruction) of Uranium-233, needed for a pilot Thorium Molten-Salt Reactor.
ORNL produced 2 Molten-Salt Reactor documentaries starting in 1969. It wasn't until 2016 that the world got to see them. John Kutsch asked me to edit a highlight reel for the upcoming TEAC11: Thorium Energy Allience Conference #11.
To shorten the originals (1969, 1970) down to 8 minutes, I first needed to remove the music (1969, 1970). RX9 Advanced by iZotope was used to accomplish the seperation of narration from musical score.
Justin Trudeau appointed anti-nuclear activist Steven Guilbeault to Minister of the Environment. Now, Steven Guilbeault has grouped nuclear power with tabacco and gambling as an unacceptable sin, excluded from Canada's Green Bond Framework. Countering Guilbeault, are Dr. Chris Keefer and Corey Tochor raising the issue at on Canada's Parliament Hill.
The petition demanding nuclear be included in Canada's Green Bond Framework successfully collected 10,544 signatures. The video is still worth watching as it spells out the case for SMR and further CANDU deployment in Canada.
Australian Green Candidate (for federal seat of Richmond) Mandy Nolan proceeded to platform Dr. Helen Caldicott after I'd warned Mandy that Helen is not a reliable source of information. This fact-check is the result.
Green Mandy Nolan came in 2nd place, losing to Labor Party's Justine Elliot. I'd love to claim my video made a difference, but the stats say otherwise. Alerting new audiences to Caldicott's crazy remains an unsolved challenge.
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