It came to my attention in 2021 that one reason my home province of Alberta never took to nuclear power, was that we were on the receiving end of a Dr. Helen Caldicott anti-nuclear tour. She's presented mis-information in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Anti-nuclear protests followed her visit. Here I discuss Dr. Helen Caldicott's misinformation with Dr. Chris Keefer of Ontario.
It was 10 years ago I bounced some Advanced Nuclear concepts off Canadian Green Party leadership to see if GPC resistance to nuclear power was addressed by newer designs. GPC deferred to Dr. Gordon Edwards on the subject, and I did not find his answers satisfactory. 2021, a decade later, GPC still defers to Dr. Gordon Edwards on the question of nuclear power. Dr. Gordon Edwards has been campaigning aganst nuclear power since 1972. Here is my critique of how GPC and Dr. Gordon Edwards utterly fail to evaluate the true pros and cons of nuclear power in Canada.
I met Shellenberger in 2016 as we protested the closing of Diablo Canyon. He has debated for nuclear in the past against Ralph Nader. Here Shellenberger debates the NRDC's Matthew McKinzie.
Australian Nuclear Association hosted this presentation by Dr. Ben Heard. Ben's paper on SMR in Australia is available for free.
ORNL MSRW 2021 was (again) held remotely due to COVID. I was able to record (almost) the whole stream on my laptop, and ORNL supplied server-side recordings for most of the talks. My ORNL MSRW 2021 Playlist is the easiest way to navigate the many videos.
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