It came to my attention in 2021 that one reason my home province of Alberta never took to nuclear power, was that we were on the receiving end of a Dr. Helen Caldicott anti-nuclear tour. She's presented mis-information in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Anti-nuclear protests followed her visit. Here I discuss Dr. Helen Caldicott's misinformation with Dr. Chris Keefer of Ontario.
DOE's U.S. Industry Opportunities for Advanced Nuclear Technology Development Funding Opportunity now specifically excludes Thorium reactors. (And medical isotopes, as one would obviously harvest in a Thorium Reactor.)
"The objective of the Industry Funding Opportunity Announcement is to advance near-term concepts toward the marketplace, whether these are new reactors or supporting technologies that would enhance the existing or future fleet."

"Currently, there is no domestic fuel cycle infrastructure in place to support thorium-based concepts, and no clear evidence of near-term commercial market interest in establishing it, beyond the developers themselves. Therefore, within the current resources available for the FOA, DOE-NE is focusing on concepts that do not rely on development of a large-scale domestic thorium fuel cycle infrastructure."

"US developers of thorium-based technologies targeting the export market remain eligible for award."
Financial Assitance Funding Opportunity Announcement Amendment Specifically Not Of Interest:
  • heavy water moderated technology and the use of thorium and updated language concerning isotopes
  • commercialization case within the next decade that is dependent on development of a large-scale domestic thorium fuel cycle infrastructure
So we went from Andrew Yang raising the near-term possibility of Thorium Reactors in 2020, to DOE declaring Thorium Reactors off-the-table in 2021.

(And medical isotopes. Holy jeeze.)
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