How does LFTR achieve a waste stream consisting of virtually nothing but fission products? A series of chemical processing steps referred to (by Alvin Weinberg) as a "chemical kidney".
CIET ("Compact Integral Effects Test") is presented by Dr. Per Peterson of UCB to Kirk Sorensen. CIET uses Dowtherm to validate computer models for passive heat removal from molten salt (cooled) reactors, under both steady-state and transient conditions.
Ben Heard was featured in Robert Stone's documentary "Pandora's Promise", as an environmentalist who'd been mislead about nuclear power. Today, Ben advocates nuclear energy as a means of lowering Austrlia's carbon footprint. While Ben does not specifically advocate MSR technology, his talk is certainly worth listening to, and is equally applicable to my home province of oil-sands Alberta. I sent Ben an audio recorder to stick on his collar, and he stuck a camera on a tripod. Great presentation now on YouTube, no trip-to-Australia required!
Why haven't costs come down, now that ~400 reactors have been built? Shouldn't they keep getting cheaper and cheaper as we learn how to build them more efficiently? Data released by France in 2012 help Tony Roulstone answer this question. (Note: Very few countries saw any economies of volume... fewer still have shared their statistics on the matter.)
Carbon taken from water can be used to synthesise liquid fuel, as demonstrated by the U.S. Navy. It is an expensive process, but potentially economically viable using Navy Small Modular Reactors. Applying (modular) Molten Salt Reactors to the same process will drive down costs low enough for commercial application. Can the U.S. Navy be used to push these technologies forward?
Actinium-225 & Bismuth-213 are radioactive medical isotopes which may revolutionize the fight against metastatic cancer cells. Dr. Julian Rosenman reviews historic & modern approaches to fighting cancer with radiation, and looks to future opportunities opened up by the thorium fuel cycle.
The entire TEAC7 experience is contained within this single video embed. I encourage you to look at the entire list of TEAC7 presentations.
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