Thorium Debunked was the very first video created using remix tools. It was remixed using only YouTube Editor and the first set of remix assets. That was a tool to be used by myself, and everyone wanting to construct educational videos! Then YouTube shut down their Editor. Thanks, YouTube!
Textbook on Molten Salt Reactors and Thorium Energy, edited by Dr. Thomas James Dolan. Released in 2017.

A collaboration of 58 authors from 23 countries, written in cooperation with the International Thorium Molten Salt Forum. It can serve as a reference for engineers and scientists, and it can be used as a textbook for graduate students and advanced undergrads.

At 840 pages, this is the only complete review of the technology currently available, making it an essential text for anyone reviewing the use of MSRs and thorium fuel, including students, nuclear researchers, industrial engineers, and policy makers. Reactor designs are covered first by broad categories (such as fuel-state and spectrum) and then specific reactor designs such as IMSR, TMSR, SSFR, etc.
TEAC8 was held in August 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri... during the total eclipse! Check out the full TEAC8 playlist, or look below for some of my favorite highlights.
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