Democratic candidate Andrew Yang came out in support of Advanced Nuclear, specifically in support of Thorium Molten-Salt Reactors.

While both Yang and Booker (pro-nuclear Dems) have since dropped out of the race, I think this video still explains the danger of nominating an anti-nuclear candidates for president, and the immense economy-boosting opportunity of Advanced Nuclear.

Now would be a great time for progressive leaning Americans to ask candidates why they do or do-not support nuclear... and challenge candidates confused about the technology.

Now would be a good time for Bernie Sanders to acknowledge that closing Vermont Yankee nuclear plant increased emissions.

Nuclear power is incredibly low-carbon. Nuclear Power is America's single largest source of low-carbon electricity. It is not even close.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden supports nuclear power. President Donald Trump supports nuclear power. Since 2016, an amazing amount of pro-nuclear legislation has passed with bi-partisan support. Tell your family. Tell your friends. The anti-nuclear insanity can't end soon enough.
ORNL MSRW 2019 footage wasn't released to me until January 2020, so these are 2020 releases! Many are supplemented by interview footage many participants graciously allowed me to conduct. This was the first year ORNL released significant presentation footage, so if you find these videos useful please share your appreciation with ORNL so they might continue to release presentations in the future.
Amanda Lines of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) describes how numerous, versatile tools are available to capture fingerprints of huge range of fission products/species of interest to the fuel cycle. Raman spectroscopy (actinide oxide ions). UV vis NIR absorption (Actinides and lanthanides in multiple oxidation states).
Flibe Energy's Matthew Lish LFTR Online Chemistry vs Radiation.
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