Dr. Helen Caldicott is the world's leading anti-nuclear activist. She has been repeatedly asked by primetime media to comment on matters of nuclear safety. In contrast to the United Nation's total of zero deaths from Fukushima radiation (past & future), Dr. Helen Caldicott estimates 3 million. In contrast to the Chernobyl Forum's 4000 (past & future), Dr. Helen Caldicott claims we have already experienced "more deaths than the bubonic plague" (100 million). Dr. Helen Caldicott retired from pediatrics in 1980.
Nuclear Disasters and Coolants is a 2014 video I'm particularly proud of, in that it takes another look at 3 nuclear disasters people are already familiar with: Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima. Instead of the oft-told focus on human error, Nuclear Disasters and Coolants focuses on how the water coolant failed to do the job of keeping the reactor core (in every case) from melting.
The only operating rare earth mine in the United States sends all their valuable resources to China for processing. Congress does not know this. Congress believes this [mining] company is supplying the U.S. value chain & the military. It is, in-fact, the opposite. They're taking powder, oxides, and shipping them to China. The rare earths return as a magnets, alloys, and bolt-on components.
TEAC6 (Thorium Energy Alliance Conference #6) was the first conference I presented at. I discussed YouTube online video editor and [Remix this video!] feature. My conference announcement was that I had enabled remix feature on all existing "Th" chapters.
...I created these 3 short example videos (pulled from the Dr. Helen Caldicott chapter) to illustrate how new educational videos can be created from existing content...
...of course we still shot lectures and interviews at TEAC6. John Baunach is studying to be a Health Physicist, and both captured his lecture (on radiation) and sat down for an interview (about radiation).
Andrew Dodson spoke about the challenges of integrating renewables onto our power grid. Andrew got a few choice quotes from Pat Hoffman (Assistant Secretary of Department of Energy Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability) including "From Florida to California distribution feeders are being overloaded due to home generation of solar energy."
Stephen Boyd did a brief interview about heavy rare earths (touching on their relationship to thorium), and then delivered a lecture about thorium alloys.
Alex Cannara argued that ocean acidification presents a more immediate concern than global warming, and will require deliberate terraforming (requiring carbon-free energy) to avoid mass-extinctions beginning around 2035.
John Kutsch reviewed the Thorium Bank proposal "S. 2006".
Jim Kennedy explains how the Department of Defense contacted members of the Senate Armed Services Committee and asked them to withdraw their support of S. 2006.
Jim Kennedy reviews need for domestic supply of heavy rare earths, and challenges facing "Thorium Bank" which would have been enabled by S.2006.
The above videos are only highlights from TEAC6. To see a complete index of all TEAC6 videos (that I have finished editing) then click-thru to this TEAC6 YouTube Playlist.
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