2019 editing of the 2018 Thorium Energy Conference in Brussels. This is currently a work-in-progress, and is most easily navigated with this ThEC2018 YouTube Playlist.
FLUID FUEL REACTORS is now available on Kindle, Apple Books iPad or Mac and also Google Books.

I've also posted Fluid Fuel Reactors in HTML, formatted to be compatible with Safari's Reader View, so a small mobile phone screen can display the contents clearly.

While the most efficient way to support me is via Patreon, purchasing a copy of Fluid Fuel Reactors does also help. (And isn't a yearly commitment... imagine being charged $1 a whole year from now... You might miss a mortgage payment!)

But frankly, if you already buy stuff from Amazon or Apple or Google, this is a 1-click way of both receiving an excellent reference book, and supporting Nuclear / MSR / Thorium communications. Most people can't be bothered... this takes zero time, and practically zero money.
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Copenhagen Atomics 40L Molten Salt Loop is now available!

The Copenhagen Atomics pumped molten salt loop comes complete with control software, which can be operated from a mobile-phone app. Operating conditions are logged, cloud hosted, and can be viewed online or downloaded as a .csv file using a customer specific log-in and password. Copenhagen Atomics specialists are available for hands-on assistance during installation at the customer location.

The loop can be used to perform various experiments, such as tests of valves, pumps, materials, gaskets, graphite, flow conditions, special instruments. It is also suitable for measurements of instruments, corrosion, plate out, heat exchangers, salt properties, etc.

The ability to test materials, components and technologies at relevant dynamic conditions (fluoride molten salt, temperature, flow rate and atmosphere) enables to speed up development of components and materials and demonstrate the durability and feasibility required for approval. The loop is constructed in a modular setup that enables to connect components such as heat exchangers and thus test efficiency and durability at dynamic conditions.
Copenhagen Atomics also sells loop components, FLiNaK salt ignots, and monitoring equipment on their Molten Salt Loop Product Page.
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