THORIUM REMIX efforts are now focused on remixability. Some aspects of this may be visible to the public as assets are developed and released. For early access to remix assets, pledge via Patreon. I don't ask for much in way of support, and don't have time to help anyone who won't chip in. Millions of people have watched these videos. Only hundreds have chipped in. So if you want this to move faster, then it is up to you.
THORIUM REMIX 2016 is the 3rd iteration of this message, and it exists because viewers of previous iterations paid-it-forward. Supporters help financially, and provide critical feedback on pre-release edits.

If you peer-review an upcoming THORIUM REMIX and think it sucks, you can cancel your pledge before I collect. If you do like it, I hope you'll continue your support indefinitely. This message can be improved continually, and you will enjoy a better viewing experience should you choose to re-watch in the future.
Conferences on Thorium:
Development of MSR being pursued by:
Thorium Debunked Is the very first video created using remix tools. It was challenging, but it shows what is entirely possible using only YouTube Editor and the first set of remix assets.
Once such a process is no longer challenging I'll document how to create your very own educational video. Please stay tuned. Assets are still being assembled.
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