ENERGY DISRUPTORS is happening in Calgary on May 15th and May 16th. If you live in Calgary do attend. Molten Salt Reactors must be deployed in Alberta.
Conferences on Thorium:
Development of MSR being pursued by:
TEAC8 wrapped in 2017. Many excellent volunteers helped capture lectures, interviews and discussions. I'll keep you posted as I process video and share presentations through 2018.
SELLOUT is a book by Victoria Bruce about Jim Kennedy and John Kutsch's quest to advance Thorium Molten-Salt Reactor development in the United States. I tore through it non-stop and can confirm it is both extremely engaging and informative.

SELLOUT demonstrates the importance of narrative. The same collection of facts we keeners absorb via lecture presentations becomes accessible to absolutely everyone.

Why did Dr. Alvin Weinberg create the Molten Salt Reactor? Why did Dr. Masato Sagawa and Dr. John Croat create Rare Earth Magnets? Why has Jim Kennedy dedicated his life to creating a Thorium and Rare Earth processing facility in the United States? The "why" has never been communicated effectively via such engaging personalities until now. Please give SELLOUT a read or listen.
THORIUM 2017 was the 4th iteration of this message, and it exists because viewers of previous iterations paid-it-forward. Supporters help financially, and provide critical feedback on pre-release edits.

Later in 2018 I'll put together another narrative "Remix" video. Your support makes a big difference in how much time I can dedictate to each iteration.

I am terribly constrained by editing time and travel budget. Richard Engle (one of the MSRE researchers) died in 2017 and the only interview I had been able to conduct was back in 2012! Your support isn't just appreciated, your support is how these videos exist at all.
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