THORIUM REMIX 2016 explores harnessing the energy of Thorium using Molten Salt Reactors. Thorium is an amazingly abundant energy source, but it presents unique challenges that make it a poor fit for conventional nuclear reactors. The fuel must be repeatedly reprocessed, resulting in a very inefficient process.
Molten Salt Reactors are a very different concept from our existing nuclear reactors. The fuel is liquid, not solid. The coolant is at atmospheric pressure, not extremely-high pressure. The coolant is chemically stable, not an easily broken covalent bond. With an appropriate reactor/fuel combination, a Molten Salt Reactor can even generate energy while producing no long-lasting nuclear waste.
By combining two proven concepts: Thorium Breeding, and Liquid Fission, we can transform the abundant resource which is Thorium- into pollution-free energy.
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The entire Thorium documentary is also available for download. This 2-hour edit (as opposed to 130-minute edit on YouTube) was created in response to Facebook's video upload limit of 2-hours.
...or use this DropBox folder to load the documentary directly onto your iPad or iPhone! You will need to have DropBox app installed, and then set the desired video "offline". You can then watch the entire documentary right in the DropBox app itself.
While I personally prefer the 10-minute-longer version, this 2h edit features the removal of the 2 swear words, and fewer details regarding the challenges of using water as a coolant. The shortening may make this edit preferable for educators (if the s-word is a problem), and for nuclear advocates who would rather focus on the advantages of nuclear and not-so-much the challenges.
Download 30 second clips to share from THORIUM REMIX 2016. Look at my tweets for examples.

Nu   Nuclear: The N-Word
Nu Dust Kills Martian Rover
Nu The Martian - Solar vs Nuclear
En Weed, Mars & Photons
En 100W Mars Curiosity Rover
Sa Eugene Wigner - Nuclear Chemist
Nu Water Desalination
En Steel Recycling vs Energy Costs
Th Old Book, What is Thorium?
Th Thorium - Hit with a Neutron
Sa Alvin Weinberg MSR Q&A
En City of Tomorrow
Sa Heavy Pressure Vessel
Th Students & Thorium
Sa Nuclear vs Shuddering Rocket
Nu Martian Dust Storm
Nu Hermes Reactor for Delta-V
Sp Ion Engines are a Real Thing
En Melt Through Ice on Europa
Sp Ice Fishing on Europa
En Space Exploration vs Energy
En Growing Weed & Hungry Martian
Nu RTG Decades of Operation
En Solar Power at Outer Planets
Sa Water Coolant Bad Lunar Fit
Sa Salt Moves Heat Without Pressure
Sa Real MSR Liquid Solid Moderator
En NASA Shows Recycling Possible
En Easy to Forget Energy on Earth
Sa Small Modular Before Cool
Sa Solid Nuclear Fuel Challenge
Th Thorium Breeding Demonstrated
Th Rickover Shippingport Expensive
Th Plutonium vs Thorium R & D
Th Milton Shaw Fast Breeder Funding
Nu LMFBR Meltdown & Safety Test
Nu Last Breeder Cancelled
Nu Should Have Advanced By Now
Sa Paul Haubenriech - Salt Practical
Nu Robert Stone - Pandora's Promise
Sa Molten Salt's Stable Behavior
Sa Drain Tank
Sa No Film Only Pictures
Nu Need Marketing Students
Sa Only at ORNL - Docs Online
Sa Uranium vs Thorium in Nature
Sa Glenn Seaborg Burning the Rocks
Th China T-MSR Jian Mianheng
Nu Nuclear Power Focus Groups
Sa Young People Supply Chain
Nu Training Reactors USA vs China
Nu Unfueled Gen-4 Training Reactor
Nu Nuclear Exciting Young People
Th Lunar Wired Lots of Thorium
Sc When Nations Dreams Big
Th China First One to Eat Crab
En General Motors EV1 Destroyed
Sa All Gasoline Cars Too Late
Sa High Temperature Liquid Fuels
Sa Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
En Civilian Aviation from Seawater
Sp Fueling Martian Return Vehicle
Sa Space Shuttle as PWR Old Tech
Sa Want Stupid Proof Reactors
Th Efficiency vs Simplicity
Th Free Byproduct of REE Mining
Th Intermittent & Diffuse Renewables
Sa Salts Expand and Contract
Nu Density and Reliability
En Ethanol ROEI 1.3x

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