THORIUM REMIX 2011 DVD is an anamorphic widescreen 4.7 GB DVD, without any region encoding or copy protection. In fact, it is extremely copyable. It is available very economically from Kunaki.
I am hoping anyone ordering from Kunaki will seriously consider buying multiple copies. The Kunaki DVDs are priced as low as possible, meaning shipping may cost more than the DVDs themselves. Consider adding a few more DVDs to your order and forcing them on your friends. Of course your friends will want to watch a feature length documentary about Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors! Don't you doubt it for a second.
The DVD "Director's Cut" is 23 minutes longer than the YouTube release. It was trimmed just under 2 hours long on YouTube, so that YouTube's Online Editor could be supported (for remixing purposes). I think they are both decent edits, but I prefer the DVD edit.
Do you simply want to download a copy? Is waiting on a snailmail delivery something you'd rather avoid just to be able to watch the video without having to stream from YouTube? I am selling downloadable copies!

After $3 purchase be sure to click
PayPal's [return to yoctoPlay] link

In fact, paying for a download actually makes me a decent profit, compared to DVD manufacturing and shipping overhead. I did price the Kunaki DVDs as low as possible because they're meant to be an alternate means of propagation rather than revenue. So if you're interested in supporting my thorium video efforts by purchasing a DVD, my preference would be KickStarter. You'll get access to a download link that way too, so the only real upside to paying me directly for a download is that PayPal is supported... I know some folks prefer PayPal over other payment services.
Again, whether you are ordering DVDs or paying for a download, neither of these mechanisms is copy protected. Please make as many copies as you like! (iTunes and Amazon Instant Video are copy protected, that is beyond my control.)
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