"After Fukushima: The Fear Factor" is a short documentary about the media frenzy surrounding Fukushima.
Ceri Dingle and Mari Shibata of WORLDbytes granted me permission to include portions of their documentary in THORIUM REMIX 2011, and provided me a higher bitrate render.
"After Fukushima: The Fear Factor" is worth watching itself, as I've simply sought out sound bites. It is exactly the response our media deserves for their coverage of the disaster, and rapid loss of interest in the unfolding human tragedy.
To quote Fiona Fox from After Fukushima: The Fear Factor...

The way that this was covered was wrong. I feel confident in saying that because of how many journalists felt uneasy about this. I know of journalists who were taken off this story because what they were writing was too measured and that's in a really significant, major news room in this country.
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