John Kutsch helped facilitate my on-a-budget attendance of Thorium Energy Alliance 3 (in Washington, DC). TEAC3 was a 1 day conference, right next to the United States Capitol Complex. And the Library of Congress. The White House. Capitol Hill.
The conference was fantastic. One day I hope to return, to see those other things.
Kirk Sorensen announced the launch of Flibe Energy, and expanded his talk on medical uses of molybdenum-99, and LFTR's chemical processes.
Robert Hargraves positioned Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors as a means of addressing world poverty, given they can produce energy cheaper than coal.
James Kennedy delved into the heavy-rare-earths aspect of thorium. Anyone concerned about North America losing its high-tech manufacturing base needs to watch this.
COL Paul E. Roege asked if (portable) nuclear power could help save American lives currently at risk defending military supply lines. And could that nuclear power source be left behind after military operations, to provide civilian power?
Alexander Cannara listed off the challenges presented by climate change, and positioned LFTR as a key part of the solution. Alex also cautioned against betting low-density sources of energy can meet our energy needs fast enough.
Bogdan Maglich recounted his 1989 research into breeding U-233 using "EXYDER" fusion neutron source. EXYDER could provide an additional source of U-233 for catalysing fission in LFTRs.
I do have additional TEAC3 lectures recorded, but have not yet had time to edit and post them. Have prioritized content needed by THORIUM REMIX 2011. Thanks to John Kutsch for sharing TEAC3's official video coverage with me.
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