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To learn more, and to really engage I'd suggest visitng/joining the following: ...these provide thorium FAQs, enthusiasts and experts to assist with any technical/policy questions you may have.
There are a LOT of different reasons LFTR might appeal to any one individual. I believe THORIUM REMIX may appeal to a broad audience, but the introduction is intended for technologists and geeks. Not environmentalists, not progressives, not conservatives, and not doctors. This is where I need your creativity.
LFTR needs targeted marketing. And I can't know how all the possible audiences. THORIUM REMIX is what it is, because I am its target audience. I created something which speaks to me. Hopefully it spoke to you. But it won't speak to everyone. In fact, it will quickly turn off some folks before they can hear an argument in favor of LFTR which will appeal to them.
THORIUM REMIX and most of its components are Creative Commons licensed. That means you can remix them. In fact, YouTube has an online video editor with which you can create your very own LFTR video using nothing more than your web browser!
Here is an example of custom target marketing, highlighting LFTR's ability to produce cancer fighting medical isotopes. It was created entirely online using YouTube's video editor.
Here, Global Warming / Climate Change is acknowledged as a threat. Elizabeth May (Canada Green Party) lists off why nuclear is a bad choice. Then the video begins presenting arguments as to why increasing the effeciency with which we consume energy is not enough to avoid envionmental devistation. We need clean energy, and we need it fast.
Another example positions LFTR as a solution to the issue of nuclear waste. Someone who has already developed a fear of radiation, or is opposed to nuclear power, may find this speaks directly to their concerns.
Those who lean right & libertarians may find the government's regulation of Thorium (and resulting job losses in manufacturing to China) backs up their understanding of how excessive government regulation reduces competitiveness. Here, that fact is highlighted. Those wishing to "cut red tape" to help save the United State's high-tech manufacturing base have an interest aligned with LFTR advocates.
To create your own video, start by asking yourself: "Who is my target audience?" Find the single most compelling moment of footage for that audience, and open with that. Don't worry about explaining LFTR. Just communicate the benifit or issue which impacts them. So long as your video ends with information on how they can watch the full length THORIUM REMIX 2011 (say by directing them to, your only challenge is to spark their interest. Have them asking, "What is thorium?" or "What is LFTR?"
The great thing about using YouTube's editor is that your remix is created in your own YouTube channel! You can title it, meta-tag it and promote it however you like. Run advertising on it, try make a buck. I don't care. Just link back to the original THORIUM REMIX 2011 YouTube video, or to, so people can learn more.
YouTube's video editor has a search tool for finding Creative Commons videos. It is not great, since you don't get to see the full title of the video. If you want to watch a specific video, you can simply paste the YouTube URL into the search field, and it will only return that one video as a search result. Here are the most useful YouTube video links (right-click and use copy-link-location):
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